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We are a community of colleagues dedicated to providing support to our fellow Healers.  ​Our co-working ecosystem offers entrepreneur and business mentorship to Healers that have a vision for positive change in the world. Additionally, we offer unique services in support of mobile / housecall-based medical practitioners.

From wholesale pharmacy services to physical Waypoints - our mission is to create a community that cultivates the wellbeing of our members as professionals, business owners, and most importantly, as humans. 

Holistic Wellbeing of Self & Family
body, mind, spirit, community

Holistic Wellbeing of Profession
collegiality, mentorship, continued learning

​​Holistic Wellbeing of Business
​organizational, financial, work-life balance

We want to help you succeed as an entrepreneur and launch your ideas for change into the world!  Learn more about us here.

Meet our community members.

We provide entrepreneurial and business mentorship to Healers that have a vision for positive change in the world.  We also offer start-up clinical infrastructure support for medical entrepreneurs. Meet the Cultivate community.

Our community members support medial innovation around the globe by providing expert insight and guidance to medical care teams and research groups.  

open seat | Community Consultant

We are currently recruiting for veterinary professionals with expertise in clinical use of cannabis in animal. Are you a cannabis expert?  Get in touch, we'd love to meet you! 

In-house brands & services.

Additionally, we offer medical consulting services to our community through our in-house brands:

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A co-working ecosystem for medical entrepreneurs.


Dr. Casara Andre

Investigating novel and emerging medicines for emotional disease in animals - with a particular focus on canine post traumatic stress disorder (cPTSD).